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Troy Caperton

Troy Caperton

Austin, TX


Troy Caperton was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1949. Raised in South Louisiana from 1953, he graduated from Baylor University in 1976 and pursued a Masters in History at the University of Louisiana until 1988 when he moved to Austin, Texas. For over ten years Caperton has been selling his original art and reproductions of original work and the masters through various portals on the Internet. One of his works won a Jurorís Prize at Austinís Art Erotica in 2010. He has always been employed in helping positions and continues to produce works for the enjoyment of the public.


Archway in a Rock Pool by Henry Scott Tuke


Between Rounds by Thomas Eakins


The Wave by Roderic O'Conor


Michael defeats Satan by Albrecht Durer


Napoleon Bonaparte as First Consul by Andrea Appiani


Clouds and Mountains by Troy Caperton


Isle of the Dead by Arnold Brocklin


The Butterfly Nebula by Hubble Space Telescope


Intent by Troy Caperton


Bonaparte Crossing the Alps by Jacques Louis David


Sleep of Endymion by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson


Defeated by Troy Caperton


Walnut Creek by Troy Caperton


St. Michael by Luca Giordano


The Lighthouse by Henry Scott Tuke


Reading from Homer by Lawrence Alma-Tadema


Water Lilies by Claude Monet


The Blue Jacket by Henry Scott Tuke


1700 Map of Italy by Guillaume de Lisle


Clenched by Troy Caperton


The Last Judgement by John Martin


Boy in a Tree by Henry Scott Tuke


Seaport at Sunrise by Claude Lorrain


Young Shepherd by Juan Bela y Morales


Sleeping Endymion by Troy Caperton


David Contemplating by Orazio Gentileschi


Education of Achilles by Jean Baptiste Regnault


Nightwatch by Rembrandt


The Crucifixion by Thomas Eakins


Perseus fights Phineas by Luca Giordano


West Indian Boy by Henry Scott Tuke


In the Meadow by Henry Scott Tuke


View of Salisbury Cathdral by John Constable


Back of a Boy Bather by Henry Scott Tuke


Stowing the Headsails by Henry Scott Tuke


Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull


The Coming Storm by George Inness


Gulf Stream by Winslow Homer


Boy on a Beach by Henry Scott Tuke


Narcissus by Gyula Benczur


Venetian Sails by Henry Scott Tuke


The Iceberg by Frederic Edwin Church


Study for August Blue by Henry Scott Tuke


Polites by Hippolyte Flandrin


Temple of Apollo by Karl Brulloff


Fiercely the Red Sun by Thomas Moran


Hercules Wrestles with Death by Frederick Leighton


Tying the Sail by Henry Scott Tuke